Nose Clip

Single Wire Clip & Bag TieOur company Nipar Automotive Inc., which has 32 years of experience in the automotive sector, stepped into the industrial sector as of 2019 and started the production of plastic polymer (PP) coated wire.

According to the needs of our customers, we produce nose clip & wire clips in all sizes and colors, as single and double wire.

With our state-of-the-art machines, we produce in accordance with customer standards without sacrificing product quality. Domestic and international sales are actively maintained. 30% of our production capacity is exported and this ratio is targeted to grow in the coming years.

Our company, which has adopted the principle of quality, is focused on providing the best service in all processes from production to shipment.





Automotive Spare Part

Our company, which started to provide spare parts and service in the automotive sector in 1989, served as SEAT authorized service in 1992 and as Daewoo plaza in 1997. Our company, which started to create its infrastructure on Chevrolet as of the date it was transferred to Daewoo General Motor, started to import Chevrolet spare parts in 2004. Currently, our company distributes Chevrolet and Opel spare parts in Turkey as wholesale and retail.

It produces 280,000,000 meters of wire annually with our high-tech machines, which are established by prioritizing high quality and efficiency.

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Wooden Toy 

All of the wooden toys produced by Tyty Taytay Puzzle Toys are produced from beech wood in CE standards in Turkey using natural methods.

The most important feature of Tyty Taytay Puzzle Toys toys is that no chemicals are used in the entire production phase. In addition, it does not contain toxic substances that can harm nature and human health.

Our aim is to appeal to conscious consumers who use natural products, care about their health, contribute to the ecological system and consume energy resources carefully.

Especially since it is a period when children aged 0-3 put everything in their mouths, it is necessary to be more careful in choosing toys. Since Tyty Taytay Puzzle Toys toys do not contain chemicals, you can give them to your babies to play with with peace of mind.

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